Thursday, April 30, 2015

*insert your expectation*

Hi yeah

Do you ever have this "you are never good enough for anybody" in your mind?

I don't know about you but no. I don't really think that I'm never good enough for anybody.

I don't live to please anybody, as far as I am concerned.

But I have always been thinking that I am never good enough for myself.

I consistently have conflicts within myself, since I've learned what 'knowing yourself' is.

It's a good thing though, not having conflicts between humans. I like it when my favourite people don't really put me under pressure in this "reaching people's expectation" kind of .... expectations.
I like it when my parents don't put high expectations towards their children, because they know where exactly we stand.
I like it when my favourite people set low expectations. but we somehow managed to go beyond.
I like it when I am surrounded by my favourite people.

But sometimes, they do set high expectations. I have one from my mom. I don't take it seriously because it is way too high for me to accomplish. I don't know where in my pessimistic world my mom sees a potential in me for me to reach her expectation.

But .. I always expect myself to reach my own expectations towards myself. There were times I was broken.

And there were times I did expect from others to reach my own expectations. All I got was .... disappointment, within myself. And yes I was a broken soul. Thought that they could fix me but .... yeah you know how it went on.

Liar. Liar masturah, you're a liar.

Your first 2-3 lines of this entry does not reflect your chaotic world right now.

Your 'self expectation' is to be' the best out of yourself.' Be the best for your self-satisfaction.

In order for you to accomplish that, you must do the best in every aspect in your life, in which proving to people that you are the best is one of them.

So, you're expecting yourself to fulfill people's expectations towards you because that's how you show em' that you're the best.

Shit. I know I'm .... kinda f*cked up with myself.

So, which one is the worst ?

1) Your inability to achieve people's expectation towards you or;

2) People's inability to achieve your expectation towards them.

I would consider 1) as the worst because it implies that you live to please everybody if you are obliged to fulfill their expectation.
But it comes to my realisation that 2) would make your life sucks as well. You kinda give permission for people to hurt you as they take you for granted. They don't give a damn about your expectation towards them.

You need to place yourself in two above situations;
1) You as a person who is expected by someone/the society to do ... some sort of any shit
2) You as a person who expects someone/the society to do ... some sort of the same shit

So whenever you feel so bad in your 1) situation ie. you don't achieve their expectation:
First, are you really being put into this situation where people do expect you to fulfill the obligations ?
Take it easy. If you tried hard enough to fulfill the obligations or you have shown some efforts, there is nothing to be sad of. Nobody's perfect anyways.
If you don't feel that you are not in your real position to do so, you won't give a damn about failing to fulfill people's expectation. If you do, you're just wasting your time feeling worried over something you shouldn't have been worried about. Time is money. Find something else that's worth your time to be worried about, like .. food.

Things are no difference if you're in 2) situation.
Are they really in their position to fulfill the obligations? Or it is just you who think they should have done that simply because you wanted them to. If this is the case (the latter one), you are the one who hurting yourself. Or you're just stupid for asking people to do what you want. (unless you're Bruce Wayne or Kim Kardashian)
If and only if they are really in their position to achieve your expectation ie. they are obliged to fulfill your expectation, then you have the right to build expectations because it somehow gives them a guideline on what they should have done. If this happens, I mean they don't fulfill your expectation, you do have the right to feel disappointed but don't let the disappointment outweighs your power to make things right, again. It's not your fault. It's not their fault either because they tried their best at least (if they did). It's just, sometimes things just don't work. They are not meant to be as you expected.

I think this 'expectation' kind of thing is applicable to every aspect in our lives.
Managing 'life' isn't something that we are taught in school. Even managing my own finance or perhaps a company's finance is a lot more easier than this. (because I have a lesson for financial management in business school duhh)

I think maybe we should make a list of our responsibilities. And from there, you know what to expect for, and what to be expected from. It is more manageable. hopefully, our lives would be less complicated than it was before.

p/s: I don't expect you to read this, after all.

Monday, August 25, 2014

A Day Out !

Lalala today was a lovely day out ! My friends and I went to Birm City Centre for sightseeing and some shopping mihihi. There are lots of buildings and places to explore in birm but no worries, I've got a lot of time to do so !

Wellhead Lane

This is where I belong for a couple of weeks. My friends and I will get to move in our house in mid Sept

The bus stop

the national express west midlands service is undoubtedly systematic.

The Perry Barr Stadium

walked around ~

there were so many people in the city but there were more a day before !

tralalala ~

needless alley .... diagon alley ? 

what chambers again ? no, not the secret chamber

Council House

and there was me. *and a couple there

This is Queen Victoria Statue. 

All hail Queen (1837-1901)

si tinggi dan si tinggi

I almost read "Hogwarts" 

familiar with this ? 

on our way to the largest public library in Europe

Library of Birmingham

acah acah ja tu

view from the 7th floor of the library

had our very first lunch in the city

nahh my mom asked me to bring home the catalogues goshh

p/s: get ready for the classes to start !