Monday, August 25, 2014

A Day Out !

Lalala today was a lovely day out ! My friends and I went to Birm City Centre for sightseeing and some shopping mihihi. There are lots of buildings and places to explore in birm but no worries, I've got a lot of time to do so !

Wellhead Lane

This is where I belong for a couple of weeks. My friends and I will get to move in our house in mid Sept

The bus stop

the national express west midlands service is undoubtedly systematic.

The Perry Barr Stadium

walked around ~

there were so many people in the city but there were more a day before !

tralalala ~

needless alley .... diagon alley ? 

what chambers again ? no, not the secret chamber

Council House

and there was me. *and a couple there

This is Queen Victoria Statue. 

All hail Queen (1837-1901)

si tinggi dan si tinggi

I almost read "Hogwarts" 

familiar with this ? 

on our way to the largest public library in Europe

Library of Birmingham

acah acah ja tu

view from the 7th floor of the library

had our very first lunch in the city

nahh my mom asked me to bring home the catalogues goshh

p/s: get ready for the classes to start !