Sunday, June 15, 2014

My Brother's E-day

Ola ola ! It happened yesterday and alhamdulillah everything went well and superbly !
But of course we felt very incomplete without kakak :'( she's in moscow and was sitting for her final exam yesterday too.

All in all, I am utterless but pictures do speak !

mom prepared this

this baju was a little bit complicated to fold but at the end, my nenek menakan decided to fold macam ni ja

flowers. 'semak' mcm rumah gak but let mom do what she wants to. happiness is seeing your loved ones happy

tepak sirih 

this one bakul was the last one and we were actually running out of time to prepare those hantaran for several factors hahaha

touch up here and there by moni ohyeahh

early Saturday morning 14/06/14 and we spent a night at rumah Acu

asked for a pose and yah anak sulung moni he is.

my mom's ideas. I bet none of us is really creative like mama

the sirih shall be arranged neatly and we had to cut a little bit at the edge of the daun idk they said it was for 'adat' purpose

me hehehehehe ok kena cc. Muslihah Zaini for this shot

kak fify's house from afar

mom asked tok to take a look at those rings before getting the ceremony started

my cousins from mom's family

pakngah and acu, my uncles or to be formally introduced, my dad's brothers

hehehehe teeny yg bakal jadi artis

they are my cousins too from abah's family

idk what was on his mind that day. (I am talking about my dad)

our hantaran: on your left.
the girl's side hantaran: on your right of course.

she asked for a shot and this is ONE OF THEM.

pakngah started the ceremony. 

man in chocolate baju melayu was kak fify's tok menakan. the red one was her father and the man in blue was her father's brother I guess

the discussion went well and was quite 'boring and slow' process idk maybe this is 'adat' though I kept telling myself  "can't we proceed this ceremony to photography and eating session"

hahahaha we both could't stop whispering to each other "bila laa nak habeh" 

Yes ladies and gentlemen. My future sister in-law, kak fify or Shafira. 

my mom was starting to cry ya know 

tok yang havoc ! she sarung the cincin too hehe since bangzo is her cucu lelaki sulung

Makan makan session ! the so long- "awaited" session bhahahaha

makcik in red. hahahaha she was kak fify's mother

this pic should look better with you kakak :'( 

Soon to be a family

told ya this pic shall look better if kakak was there !

k dah semua dah nak balik 

idk this kid batrisyia was super hyperactive that day semua gambaq dia nak photobomb

And the end. of my blog post for today !

p/s: May Lord bless each of us.